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Jim Arnoff, C.E.C.
Certified Life Coach


Jim graduated from the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC) in August, 2005, and earned his degree as a Certified Life Coach in November, 2005. He has been the first President of iPEC’s Graduate Coach Community since January, 2007, creating coaching support classes and live events around the country for iPEC graduates. Jim is a member of the International Coach Federation and their local New York City Chapter having revitalized that Chapter’s monthly Coaches Connection.

Jim specializes in coaching the entertainment industry including producers, directors, writers and performers where he combines his coaching skills with his experience as a television packaging agent. Within the industry, he has lead career coaching workshops since 2004 for the Producers Guild of American, the Writers Guild of America, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, New York Women in Film and Television, New York City Coalition of Professional Women in Arts & Media, Women in Children’s Media, New York Women in Communications and American Women in Radio and Television.

On the corporate side, Jim has facilitated career coaching workshops for HBO, Viacom and MTV Networks.


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