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November 2007




Join fellow NYWIFT members for a pair of highly interactive and experiential workshop led by television packaging agent and certified life coach Jim Arnoff along with experts from Henri Bendel. Get insider tips on making your appearance count to the max.

Both workshops will begin with networking, followed by interaction with Bendel reps, along with exercises and assignments from Jim Arnoff.


Workshop #1
Building for Success:  Your image is the way in.
In this first workshop, you’ll get critical tips on your entire image — wardrobe styling, hair/makeup, confidence, connecting and energy. Tear through the blocks that are getting in your way, break out of your comfort zone and learn how to acquire the skills needed to create an image that speaks to your strengths.

Workshop #2
Building for Success:  Networking and Connections.
This workshop will build on the insights and results from the first session by giving you the skills and tools you need to network with confidence.  Learn how to make powerful and lasting connections, how to make a strong impression and what the key ingredients are to getting a first meeting.  By playing into your own unique brand, you’ll see new ways to get in the door and create business opportunities.


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