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May 2007


Are you living life stressed and stretched to the max?

Join us for this unique interactive presentation based on the groundbreaking Energetic Self Perception ChartTM. You’ll learn ways to manage stress, communicate more effectively, break through blocks that hold you back, & how all of this relates to your energy (in a way you’ve never heard of or even imagined!)

You’ll leave with tangible skills and concepts that you’ll be able to use immediately in life and work, helping you to be at the cause, not the effect of life!

Speaker: Jim Arnoff, Certified Life Coach Jim is a Certified Life Coach and Director of the iPEC Coaching Community. He specializes in the entertainment industry. He leads workshops for groups like the Producers Guild of America, MTV, and Viacom. He’s also an entertainment lawyer and a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts and FIT in Manhattan.


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